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AS-9110C-ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Course

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AS 9110-ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Course

This course is certified by Exemplar Global and is now called the "ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Course With Emphasis on AS 9110C".

Learning Objectives

A student who successfully completes this course will:

Be able to nderstand anddescribe the purpose of a Quality Management System and its role in helping an organization to operate with increased effectiveness, consistency and customer satisfaction.

The student will have the capability to recommend and assist top management to continually improve the quality management system.

Be able tounderstand and use Guidance and Requirements of AS 9110, when conducting audits or managing the Quality Management System in the AS 9110 repair stations.

Understand and is able to explain the commonality and approval between FAA and the international AS industries.

Understand the reasons why AS 9110 changed from an US industry standard to an AS International Standard.

Understand the requirements of AS 9110 (based on ISO 9001:2000) and the objective evidence needed to show conformance and effectiveness of the QMS; including but not limited to:

Top management involvement in establishing dynamic Organizational Policy and measurable objectives,

The process model used as a basis for the Standard,

Customer-focused emphasis of this Standard, and

The circumstances in which an organization may exclude specific requirements for the QMS.

Understand the auditing technique(s) to include but not limited to understanding of:

The changes required in the planning and conduct of audits which result from the process orientation of AS 9110.

The changes to audit methodology to address the proposed increased emphasis on top management commitment and responsibility.

The changes to audit methodology and auditor training to address proposed new aspects of the standard that increases the need to create audit trails in relation to the setting of measurable objectives and the planning and realization of these objectives.

How organizations should demonstrate continual improvement oftheir quality management systems.

And be able to show objective evidence for the requirements for registration of the Quality Management System to AS 9110 in AS 9104.

And be able to show objective evidence of the requirements for development, implementation and control of AS 9110 auditor training.

You will be given case studies and workshop exercises that will be effectively measured by your instructor and must be successfully completed by you. When you come to a page in this course that requires input, you must complete the input page or the program will not let tem proceed further.

Your instructor will communicate with you on the input page content. Your instructor may determine that you must re-do the input page. You will not be allowed to move on to Module 2 until you successfully complete Module 1.

In order to obtain meaningful feedback from presented courses we ask for formal feedback from each student.

Thecourse evaluation form for the on-line course is at the end ofeach module.

A certificate is awarded to students who satisfactorily complete the course at the conclusion. The certificate is issued with a Gladhill logo, an Exemplar Global logo and a unique serial number.

Cost: $1,395.00 per student.
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Sorry!  There are no public classes scheduled at this time. On-line and customized, in-house classes only.