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Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The goal of SPC is to do three things:

1. Determine if a process is in "control".

If a process is in "control", we can know it will do the same thing over and over again, reliably. Every system produces natural variation and by measuring the variation, we can see if the process is in control and reliable.

2. Determine if a process within specification.

3. Identify reasons for variation.

Since every process has natural variation, how do we know that, on average, the process is doing what we want?.

SPC gives us some tools to use that tells us what the average results will be, and what the high and low variation from average will be (as long as the process stays in "control").

What you find in this short course alone is not enough to start SPC.

This course is meant to sketch the rough outline of what SPC is about.

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