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Introduction To Process Mapping

This course is designed to be only an introduction to flowcharting for line level people and their immediate supervisors. It is strongly suggested that 2-4 people from one work area tkae this course as a group. They all need to have intimate working knowledge of the same process.

Course content:

1. Identification of WHAT should be measured in your work place and HOW it should be measured.

2. Cycle time and its components.

3. Process mapping - the way the process is done now

- "As is", how it "Could Be" done with little or no expense, and how the process "Should Be" given adequate resources.

The end result of process mapping is almost always a 50% cycle time reduction in the process with a full sigma increase in quality.

Online: True
Cost: $350.00 per student.

Live: False
Cost: $450.00 per student.

Sorry!  There are no public classes scheduled at this time. On-line and customized, in-house classes only.