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Human Factors Training

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance


Aviation is considered one of the safest means of travel in the world today, yet every now and again, an accident occurs which shakes our complacency.

When we look to the accident cause, we look for a chain of events that could be a series of simple errors that led up to the event. Accident statistics reveal that maintenance errors were a contributing factor to the chain of events in 12% of major airplane accidents.

Many, if not most of these accidents involved some degree of human error. If we can break the chain of events at the maintenance level, the accident will not likely happen. 

Who should take this course?  

Aircraft Mechanics
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisors
Aircraft Accident Investigators
Aircraft Operations Specialists

Insights to be gained:  

Why mechanics make the decisions they do?
What factors affect an aircraft technician's judgment?
What safety nets can we put in place to prevent an incident?
Why is it that conscientious technicians end up causing an accident due to a maintenance error?

Aircraft Technicians have distinguished characteristics that are excellent qualities that can be used effectively or ineffectively. Aircraft technicians can benefit from learning more about themselves and how they: 

Communicate more effectively
Deal with Stress/Fatigue
Overcome Complacency
Cope with the Demands of Shift Work
Utilize Resources Better

......This all relates to performance and well being.

This course is an approved inspection authorization refresher training course and meets the requirements contained in F.A.R. 65.93(a)(4), inspection authorization, renewal, and is acceptable towards I.A. renewal.


Online: True
Cost: $350.00 per student.

Live: False
Cost: $0.00 per student.

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