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ISO 19011:2018 Transition Course

What ISO 19011:2018 Means To You

Since ISO 19011 was revised in 2018, a number of new management system standards have been published.

Many of these new standards follow the Annex SL structure and contain common requirements, terms, and definitions.

These changes allow for a broader approach to management system auditing.

Exemplar Global recently updated their certification products in line with ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for auditing management systems .

As a result, all of the certified management system auditors will be required to demonstrate knowledge of ISO 19011:2018 and complete a transition to maintain their certification.

There will be three ways to complete your transition:

  • Complete the relevant ISO 19011:2018 assessment via your online customer portal
  • Complete ISO 19011:2018 training from an Exemplar Global certified training provider
  • Complete ISO 19011:2018 training from an accredited certification body or registrar or a registered training organization.

Who can use ISO 19011:2018?

Anyone involved in audits or audit programs can use ISO 19011. More specifically, ISO 19011 is for people in charge of managing an audit program and evaluating individuals involved in the audit programs and audits.

Anyone who has been tasked with improving an audit program will likely find ISO 19011:2018 of value.

If your organization conducts internal or external audits of management systems, or if you manage an audit program, then ISO 19011 applies to you.

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